Jumping the Shark

Jumping the Shark

This project is the end of a phase in which monksmith had a period to get to know himself and threw himself into countless records. The famous expression “jumping the shark” is used to argue that a work or creative output tries exhaustively to generate attention for something that was once perceived as popular, but is not special. In the first track a feeling that is generated in someone who is being blackmailed or cursed. The next track portrays the eternal fall of those who are creative and seek approval from the people around them. Big sharks the third track talks about the elite of artists who dominate the arts leaving no room for anyone else. After the previously released tracks, the last track “buckledown” is a drumless track that could open doors to the new monksmith record.



GUITAR - Christian Tavares (track 3)

Cello - José Blanco (track 2,3)

Drums - luis Logrado (track 3)

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