Bernardo Freire da Cruz (Lisbon, Pt) was born in 1990. His interest in the piano came from a family whose grandmother taught him his first steps. Completed the exam with distinction of Trinity 5th Grade in 2009. He represented Interartes school at the jazz party at São Luiz theater in 2012, supervised by professor Jorge Lee and Daniel lima as a piano teacher. He has several private lessons with Nuno Ferreira, Paula Sousa, Daniel Bernardes and Carlos Azevedo while attending the Mechanical Engineering course.

His artistic growth is largely due to the fact that he is self-taught, highlighting his interest from jazz to Indian music, as well as Afro-Latin rhythms. Over time some of his aspirations include jazz and Latin musicians but also producers.
Currently, he has been invited to several private events and artist resident in several clubs, such as “Catacombas”, “Páginas Tantas” and Radisson Blu hotel.

He was involved with the fado singer Ruca Fernandes, afrobeat culture with They Must be Crazy. Never leaving electronic music, he became involved with NERY liveband, neither the songs sung in Portuguese with Janeiro nor in the worldmusic and reggae Wooden Arm Tree. Nor of jazz fusion with the Plexus and ending in rock with DEUSA and Electric Mindscape. Finally in middle of pandemic he works as musical director with Julinho Ksd Afro naija genre artist.

He works in studio with several artist like Richie Campbell, Diogo Piçarra, Fernando Daniel and producers like Lhast, Beatoven, Fumaxa, Slowj:

(2016) “Do you no wrong” “As coisas” “Xamã”

(2017)  “Historias”, “por pouco”, “não vales nada” “Clima” “water”

(2018) “Slowly”, “Stress” “anyhow””preciso” “água de côcô” “tou bem”

(2019) “gravidade””á vontade” “minha” “Malibu” “a palavra” “bairro” “JND” “Só queria sorrir” “Saturno” “Cedo”

(2020) “2020” “Conclusão” “Gangsta” "sólido"

All Credits

With all these changes, a composer who uses the Piano as his means of artistic creation grew within him. Passionate about the rhythms of the world and the bold harmonies of jazz with the electronic effects associated with the technological age in which we live, the search for a balance between the difficult association of acoustic sound with electronics always present in the simplicity of feeling and performance of all friends and colleagues who help him to form the landscape and the sound story.