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what does monksmith music library consist of?

MSML contains 16 music samples or 32 starters . Sample does not consist in recording instruments only in composition form, but also in sound design formatted to be executed as a loop, rearranged and edited to create a new song, always being associated with a percentage of copyright and intellectual property. Inspired by big companies in this industry like Cymatics, Kingsway, Drumbrooker, Wavsupply and Minta Foundry.

To complement or have a trigger to create music I propose to use MSPL. These packs naturally and organically add some special sparkles to your projects.


  1. Antidote - Piano one shots
  2. Chilhood - santoor one shots
  3. Enlightenment - Grooveloops
  4. Cosmos - synth one shots
  5. Morning breeze - Flute one shots
  6. Bismuth - drumkit, fills and breaks
  7. Spectrum - Synth runs
  8. Adicttions - drill/trap pack
  9. Pebble - Prophet one shots
  10. Pigments - midi hihats
  11. Visceral - 808
  12. Cornucopias - Boombap pack
  13. SIlhouete - Percloops
  14. Black Rainbow - Ride pack
  15. Mosaics - Midi Chord Progresions

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