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Frequently Asked Questions

what does monksmith music library consist of?

MSML contains 16 music samples. Sample does not consist in recording instruments only in composition form, but also in sound design formatted to be executed as a loop, rearranged and edited to create a new song, always being associated with a percentage of copyright and intellectual property. Inspired by big companies in this industry like Cymatics, Kingsway, Drumbrooker, Wavsupply and Minta Foundry.

Music library

What does monksmith pack library consist of?

To complement or have a trigger to create music I propose to use MSPL. These packs naturally and organically add some special sparkles to your projects. These packs can be effects presets, Vsts, percloops, drumloops, drumkits, oneshots, licks, or midi information.

pack library

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