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MSML001 Antidote

After confinement due to covid-19, there is finally the antidote. This monksmith music library made up of 15 themes inspired by RnB and Trap artists, promise producers and artists inspiration to compose beautiful and organic songs.  


Psoriase 90 Gm
Headache 94 Cm
Blackdeath 100 G#m
Justinian 110 Am
Asma 110 Em
Náusea 115 Bbm
Obsession 120 Cm
Spainpandemic 120 Em
Crohn 126 Am
Nightmare 130 Fm
Coronavírus 130 Fm
Luifus 134 Bm
Panic 140 Gm
Antonine 140 Gm
Mysiotis 150 Bbm


You get:

  • 15 original handcrafted compositions with STEMS option available (all WAV + BPM + Key) 
  • Compatible with any DAW (Ableton, FL Studio, Logic, Pro Tools, Etc)
  • Master Clearance Guaranteed. Read the License


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