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009 Pebbles

Pebble is a a small smooth round stone, especially one found on a beach or in a river.
MS has a ritual which is based on picking up a rock along the beach and throwing it to the sea.
The stone means a problem that we are overcoming so that we can overcome all obstacles and that is why this product is ideal for a producer who has creative blocks.

opaline (80, Gm) ruby (85, Fm) tourmaline (85, Gm) bronze (87, Em) agate (90, Fm) celetist (90, Dm) saphire (95, Ebm) grenade (102, Dm) unaquite (107, Dm) carnelian (110, Dm) esmerald (110, Gm) amber (115, Db) onyx (115, Em) alexandrite (120, Em) amethyst (125, Am) motherofpearl (125,Fm) beryls (130, Bbm) jasper (130, Fm) obsidian (130, Dm) pyrite (132, Ebm) hematite (138, Gbm) gold (140, Dm) malachite (140, Dm) quartz (140, Am) silver (143, Am) topaz (143, Gm) diamond (145, Am) flurite (145, Bbm) turquoise (145, Am) lazuli (147, Dm) tigereye (147, Gbm) sodalite (150, Em)


You get:

  • 32  original handcrafted compositions (4 bar loop) (all WAV + BPM + Key) 
  • 50 one shots 
  • Compatible with any DAW (Ableton, FL Studio, Logic, Pro Tools, Etc)
  • Master Clearance Guaranteed. Read the License

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