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MSML012 Cornucopias + 50 boombap grooveloops

After one of the big boombap artist in Portugal praised a promising producer chyledosbeats, the desire to collaborate increased. Until now I had never had the need to make samples for songs made in boombap. The need for the sampling tool with voices and beyond has been improved and resulted in 16 compositions.

comma 84 Abm
bacillus 85 Bm
cereus 89 EBm
aurantius 90 Bbm
ciclosporina 90 Dbm
tolypocladium 90 Em
haemophilus 90 Fm
shigella 90 Gm
tularensis 90 Gm
neocardia 91 Bbm
escherichia 92 Am
acinetobacter 93 Cm
burkholderia 94 Cm
henselae 96 Cm
dietzamaris 98 Fm
yersinia 82,5 Am


You get:

  • 16 original compositions (all WAV + BPM + Key)
  • 50 boombap drumloops 
  • Compatible with any DAW (Ableton, FL Studio, Logic, Pro Tools, Etc)
  • Master Clearance Guaranteed. Read the License
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