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013 Silhouette ft Kyobeats

Finally I challenged kyo to compose a Pack with me. Being one of the first producers to collaborate with me, namely in komet, I wanted a product that united his production with my art.

Silluete has a unique process, it consisted of creating almost 30 midis where Kyo used vsts and plugins (Omnisphere, kontakt, analog labs, arcade) changing their pitch and tempo and finally a textural percloops in all of them that turned out to be the glue of the project. After this process I used the sound layers he sent me and adapted them for new versions and that's why this Pack has 32 compositions and 50 percloops that could inspire any producer.

kyo version:

candyman 155 Am
disturbance 130 Ebm
drifting 130 Abm
form 80 Ebm
intercom 140 Gm
masquerade 145 Fm
mirroring 120 Gbm
newform 130 Gbm
otherme 150 Am
reflection 100 Abm
refraction 120 Bm
rooting 150 Dm
shadows 133 Bm
shapping 150 Bbm
sidebyside 145 Dbm
youreyes 150 Dm


monk version:

candyman 125 Gbm
disturbance 117 Fm
drifting 117 Ebm
form 136 Em
intercom 121 Bm
masquerade 113 Fm
mirroring 136 Cm
newform 86 Am
otherme 141 Dbm
reflection 128 Am
refraction 85 Dm
rooting 128 Em
shadows 137 Dm
shapping 97 Bb
sidebyside 130 Fm
youreyes 89 G


You get:

  • 16 original handcrafted compositions with STEMS option available (all WAV + BPM + Key) with 2 versions each one.
  • 50 percloops.
  • Compatible with any DAW (Ableton, FL Studio, Logic, Pro Tools, Etc)
  • Master Clearance Guaranteed. Read the License
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